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Our Most recent full track build. 2001 Audi S4 with K04 turbos. Following is a brief description of the process that is turning an everyday street car, into a full track beast.

Seats, carpet, door cards, headliner and pillars, center console, lower dash and a bunch of sound deadening removed.

Prepping the chassis for the roll-cage mounting blocks.

Stripped out the chassis harness and ABS wiring/modules.

Fabricated some blocks to mount the roll-cage to the chassis.

Took out the dashboard, support brace, ventilation system and dropped the steering column.

Custom seat mounts and brackets made, mounted to the seats and test fitted in the car.

Tac’d in the rear section of the roll-cage

Spent a solid 10 – 12 hours removing the chassis’ sound deadener and adhesive tar…What a PITA! But it does look so much better now! The a-pillar bar were also tac’d in at this point.

Fab’d up some harness brackets for the center strap.

Finally the bulk of the cage gets fully welded together!

Fabricated a steering column mount that bolts up to the original column bracket

Mocked up and tac’d in the 1 of the rear X-braces

Even the smallest pieces count. Got these corner braces made up for the a-pillar bars

Doors bars and FIA bars fab’d are welded in!

Looks Like we got ourselves a B5 S4 with a roll-cage!

Got her back from interior paint, went through final assembly, and added a livery!

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